How regarding our body as sacred can enhance our leadership… {Resource for You}

How regarding our body as sacred can enhance our leadership… {Resource for You}

It’s been a good 6 months now since interviewing the brilliant women of the Uninhibited Women Leadership Conference…and have been missing it! Today I want to share with you an interview I recently held with two incredible women who are creating some serious positive transformation in the world of women through food, lifestyle and deepRead More >

Want to stop hating your body? Here’s how…

Want to stop hating your body? Here’s how…

Last week I attended a screening of the documentary Embrace with a few of my girlfriends…and it was SO FREAKING GOOD. If you’re unfamiliar with the movie, it’s all about ending the global body-hating epidemic, an issue that most of you in this community know is very near and dear to my heart. It remindedRead More >

How to transmute fear into actions of LOVE…

How to transmute fear into actions of LOVE…

Like the many of you I’ve been feeling the shock, frustration and grief of this election outcome – which was also amplified for me Tuesday by the passing of my sweet grandmother, my last living grandparent on this planet. I took yesterday to feel it all, process, purge, and then process and grieve some more. And whileRead More >

Divine Feminine Queen Leadership Skills:Energetic Hygiene, Fierce Self-Care & Soul Love

I’m absolutely blown away by these shiny, happy, real, raw, vulnerable, courageous women who joined me this past weekend for the Unleash Retreat…it was truly incredible and am overflowed with joy from the experience. We began our journey on the Autumn Equinox, and played with the themes of balance – shedding and cultivation, giving and receiving, and celebrating what we’reRead More >

How to feel the fear and do it anyway…

As I go inward in preparation for my upcoming Unleash Retreat, I’m taking this opportunity to reconnect even more deeply with my mission for this work…and it’s all rooted in a very powerful four-letter word. LOVE. It inspired me to create a declaration of sorts of what I feel this world needs more of… hereRead More >

Turn Your Fear Into Creative Fuel…and Last Chance to UNLEASH.

Last Sunday I attended an event that my friend Jennifer Lewis curated in Healdsburg featuring songwriter and 2016 Oregon Book Award finalist, Nick Jaina who sang and read from his memoire “Get It While You Can.” The creative show was totally inspiring and prompted me to purchase Nick’s book. While reading, I stumbled upon this belovedRead More >

Ready to release the drama and live with LOVE?

On Sunday I attended a life-changing daylong Insight Meditation retreat at Spirit Rock with Phillip Moffitt. I’ve meditated for years but have had no formal education around it. One of the practices that most stuck with me was the 2500 year-old Metta Meditation or loving-kindness meditation practice, and I want to share it with youRead More >

My #1 tool for growing a sustainable business…

Last week these powerhouse entrepreneurial Queens and I completed our cycle of the Uninhibited Leadership Program. For the past 9 months these incredible socially conscious women from all over the country have gathered in close-knit supportive circle (virtually and in person) to focus on stepping deeper into their feminine leadership and expanding their creative businesses.Read More >

7 Secret Lessons from the Queen…

The QUEEN…the fierce archetypal energy that helps us embody ourselves as courageous, confident leaders… She’s coming up BIG TIME for me right now, and I’m slightly obsessed. When my friend Melissa Riker choreographed a dance piece for me here a few months back, we worked with the Queen, Led Zeppelin and Feathers – an absoluteRead More >

How to take action when things fall apart…

I’ve taken the past few days to go inward and FEEL all of the anger, sadness, fear and frustration I’ve felt after hearing Sunday’s news. And now it’s time for me to speak up… While feeling and inquiry is important, it’s clear to me that it’s much more painful and frustrating to remain silent – and doRead More >


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