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You’re meant to create positive change through your soul’s work.

And you know it’s time to take your leadership, visibility + heart-centered business to the next-level.

My work here at Strong Body Love might be just what you need if:

• You desire to sustainably scale your business- in a way That supports your desired lifestyle and authentically represents your true essence.

• You want to embody yourself fully as a thought-leader and strengthen your confidence when holding space for your community.

• You’re open to being guided and supported by a coach who honors your process, believes in you, and gets the path that you’re on.

Hello beautiful woman, I’m Ashley Burnett, founder of Strong Body Love.

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I’ve been running businesses for 15 years, and have created a supportive and inspiring space for women to relax into the vulnerable process of entrepreneurship – to find balance between the masculine action of doing and the feminine process of receiving so that they can create a sustainable business in line with their core values.

As a long-time educator and facilitator, I’m here to share how to gracefully move through the fear that comes up in leadership and entrepreneurship so that you can make a bigger positive impact in the world.

There are lots of ways for us to play…If you’d like to ignite your leadership, visibility, confidence and abundance, here are some ways I can help:

A free 3-part video training series to help release perfectionism, create your ideal workday and receive deeper clarity around your branding.

A 4-day women’s leadership retreat for 20 courageous women who want to strengthen their facilitation skills, visibility, confidence and scale their passion-based businesses to new heights.

or set up a time to strategize with me for free.

I look forward to connecting in with you dear soul, and am sending so much love to you on your path.



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